Seoul, South Korea

I’m not a writer so in general I won’t create a lengthy intro to each blog post, but I feel I need to give a preface to my blog and the fact that I’m going to be posting a lot of pictures. Looking at my iphoto library (which is my own preferred method of organization over lightroom) I noticed the number at the bottom of the window says 15,908 items. These are only the images I’ve actually touched up and imported, meaning I’ve archived probably four or five times that many that will probably never be seen. With that in mind I’ve got a lot of pictures to post so please don’t get annoyed if you see a new post every day from me.

My goal with this blog is simply to offer people some photos to enjoy from all of my traveling over the years and, in the near future, collections specifically from southwest colorado.

Here are some shots from a recent trip to the area of Seoul, South Korea. This trip was not necessarily conducive to photography only because we were very busy every day so this is what I shot on the go (as is the case with most trips).


Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung Palace Seoul, South Korea Deoksugung Palace

Looking into North Korea

Freedom Bridge – Looking into North Korea

Downtown Seoul


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  1. This blog feels like a respite for my soul; so I feel curious, what happened to the new post everyday?

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