The Best Memories

Snyder County, Pennsylvania, is where my grandfather built the cabin that we have been visiting for as long as I’ve been alive. Naturally it’s one of my absolute favorite places to visit because growing up, going to the cabin meant days of endless fun with all of my cousins on what seemed, at that time, the highest mountain in the county. It is still one of my favorite places to visit even though I now see the reality of how small our HILL is compared to those mountains nearby. Even so, it is still a beautiful place. Here are some shots over the past five years of our cabin on the hill in Snyder County. More to come in November 2013.

cabin1 cabin8 cabin4 cabin2 cabin5 cabin7 cabin3 cabin6 cabin14 cabin12 cabin11 cabin13 cabin10 cabin9 cabin16 cabin15 cabin17 reedsgap4 reedsgap3 reedsgap1 reedsgap2

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