State Parks

I often assume that only a crazy 5 day backpacking trip in the rockies will be sufficient for an outdoor getaway when really all you need sometimes is a secluded state park. I grew up making frequent trips to our family’s cabin in Pennsylvania and the occasional day trip to the nearby Reed’s Gap state park. By standards of size and activities to participate in, Reed’s Gap is quite insignificant and small, however, nostalgic for me. I decided to spend a night camping up there in the mountains and quite enjoyed it. There is a short two-mile trail around the perimeter of the entire park and a few short ones along the Honey Creek which flows straight through the middle of the park. On the perimeter trail you will encounter a surprising diversity of landscape for such a small area and the Honey Creek trail is a great evening or morning stroll. Overall, Reed’s Gap is a great place for an overnight stop with access to some longer state trails in the Bald Eagle State Forest. Below are some shots that show that your local state park is a great place to visit.

DSC_12752 DSC_12602 DSC_1243 DSC_12902 DSC_12961 DSC_1228

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