Having never been to Europe officially, I decided to change my return flight on a layover from Kigali, Rwanda to Detroit giving me a window of about 5 hours to spend in Amsterdam. My adventure began by trying to purchase a train ticket at the yellow kiosk near the terminal entrance at Schiphol Airport. Just a warning for anyone trying to use your plastic internationally, always have some local cash on hand if you’re planning on buying anything and especially if you get stuck in a city and the bank shuts down your card! After a frustrating time trying to get my card to work I finally went and exchanged the last $20 USD in my wallet and go figure, that was about the cost of the round trip second class ticket to Amsterdam Central Station. The train ride was great and having on-board wifi was a plus, especially since the login page has station/stop details in english so you know where not to get off. Stepping off the train and into the station was chaos with people hurrying in every direction to all platforms, but as soon as you step outside the terminal it’s all worth it. You are greeted with beautiful architecture in a 180 degree view and you can simply start walking in whichever direction you like and discover wonderful sights. Unfortunately, for the duration of my short visit to the city it was raining steadily but that also worked in my favor as there were no crowds on the streets and no one in the coffee shops (which don’t open until 9am unlike the US where everyone opens at 6am). It was still an enjoyable time walking through the city which is easy to cover large areas in short times. But as a whole, in my few short hours and without visiting any museums, Amsterdam was unimpressive as it’s an expensive city to visit and there simply is not much to see and do. I definitely would not purchase an international flight for the sole purpose of visiting the Netherlands, and I would even go so far as to say that if I were in Europe, I would not purchase a train ticket to go out of my way to visit the Netherlands. Yes it’s a beautiful, historic city and the canals and houses are a wonderful sight, but certainly not worth the time and money spent getting there. That being said, here are a few shots from Amsterdam during my few hours of a visit.

amsterdam5 amsterdam7 amsterdam2 amsterdam1 amsterdam4 amsterdam6 amsterdam3


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