24 Hours in Yosemite

Photos can never bring justice to the grandeur of a place such as Yosemite National Park where you need to actually hike through Yosemite Valley to realize the size of the rock walls that surround you. The famous viewpoint for countless photographs that feature El Capitan in the foreground and Half Dome in the background does not give the perspective that they are just a few minute’s hike away. It really is such an incredible place that I would recommend a visit to EVERYONE who finds themselves even a few hours from the park entrance, regardless of your fondness for nature. I encountered a feeling which I’ve only had two or three times before, when at that certain moment you first see a remarkable sight and you are filled with such awe that you question how many believe there is no God who has created everything within your current peripheral vision. The first time driving through the tunnel and seeing Yosemite Valley, or turning a corner and Mt. McKinley comes into view, these are the certain moments which I will forever remember and be reminded that in everything He made, God has made Himself clearly evident to us. That was my 24 hours in Yosemite. Romans 1:20

Tunnel View Upper Pines Campground Vernal Falls Yosemite Colors Bridalveil Falls Yosemite Valley1

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