Rocky Mountain Never gets Old

This past month I had a large project of several videos to release and of course, I was short on b-roll for what these particular videos required. Being the somewhat spontaneous adventurer, I booked a rental car for a week, packed all the gear that I could (and would need) for late winter in the rockies and started the 600 mile drive from Kansas City. Usually a trip to the rockies is pure vacation however, this trip required that I spend time focusing on the clips that I still needed, but of course, having fun in the mountains was the motive behind the trip anyway. I spent three nights car camping and only one night in the backcountry. The reason I didn’t stay longer in the backcountry was due to the fact that I had selected a site at the wilderness office that morning and set out on the snow-covered trail but overshot my site by about a mile. As soon as I realized my error I backtracked to the trail to my selected site which of course was neither marked nor traveled on, and therefore I was sinking thigh-deep into snow with every single step, and the actual flat site was nowhere to be seen. I was about 100 yards up the trail  (arguably called that in the winter) and I decided that my attempt was in vain as I could not see a suitable place for a tent, nor any running water. About two hours later I reappeared in the wilderness office inquiring of another backcountry camp site, one which I was familiar with, and was soon hiking again. I arrived in good time and was then bored out of my mind, so I began to film. By this point I am extremely tired from 8 miles of hiking uphill through snow, and the filming didn’t last long before I was in the tent and asleep. Here are a few images of my recent short trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.


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