Netherlands/Norway 2016

Traveling is not my job, unfortunately. Playing guitar does, however, take me to many places around the world (this year alone will probably be six or seven countries) and I often comment that my camera comes along for the ride. This past trip to the Netherlands and Norway there was an excess of down time and no shortage of activities to occupy that time with.

On our first stop to the Netherlands, we arrived and went directly north to the villages of Den Helder and Alkmaar where we spent a short time taking a tour of the coast and visiting a Napoleonic fortress on the sand dunes. Later that same day we had to make a second trip to the airport and then decided to take a boat tour of Amsterdam. I have yet to visit that city when it is not raining or very cloudy and cold, but it is still a wonderful city to visit and enjoy the architecture and history in any weather.

On the third day of the trip we flew to Kristiansand, Norway on the southern end of the country and were taken directly to our cabin sitting on the waterfront of a small island southwest of the city. Being an avid outdoorsman and arriving to a rustic fishing cabin with kayaks, fishing gear and endless islands and coves (and of course the sea) at my disposal with no shortage of free time, to say I was excited would be an understatement. I wasted no time dropping my gear and getting out on the water to satisfy that excitement and of course, spent many hours every day going farther out toward the sea.

Apart from the amazing places visited, we had some amazing hosts both in the Netherlands and Norway and the week long trip was one of the most enjoyable in a long while. Here are just a few photos which obviously do not serve justice to the beauty and culture of these two places.

ams1 ams3 ams4 ams2 norway4 norway2 norway9 norway6 norway10 norway3 norway8 norway7 norway11 norway5

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