UK 2017

Any time I’m within a few hours flight of Scotland, I will make the effort to add a few days (or many days) to my itinerary since my flight is usually free to get to Europe in the first place. So last year when I heard we would be in London in early February, I started working on adding a week to spend in Scotland which, if you can’t tell from my instagram account or previous posts, is my absolute favorite country to visit. I must admit I’ve only been to 15 countries, but I’m almost certain it will always be one of my favorites despite any other amazing countries I may visit. So, thanks to Air France for screwing up my flight last year between Dublin and Edinburgh, I had a free flight at my disposal which I booked from Heathrow to Inverness, and returned from Inverness to KC.

Arriving in Inverness, the weather was Scottish (yet still wonderful if you appreciate it). As I began the drive west to Fort William the weather got worse and I was driving down single lane roads in the middle of nowhere in a near white-out, which again, I have no problem with. I arrived at my hotel on the Loch, which the hotel itself was nothing at all spectacular, but the view from my room was quite the opposite. From my hotel in Onich, Scotland, I drove around for most of the week to towns and sites on the west coast including Oban, Mallaig, Portree and Isle of Skye, and of course around the Fort William and Glencoe areas near my hotel. And as was expected, Scotland did not disappoint. After the day that I arrived, I had only a few hours of snow when driving to Oban, but blue skies and sunshine all day every day, which was a welcome contrast to my September visit.

Overall, two weeks is a very long time to be gone but I still had a great time driving around the country. TheseĀ are a few shots from London as well as Scotland.

tower-bridge london1 bigben highlands1 kinlochleven inshree lochalsh highandspano storr castle-stalker portree onich ballachulish

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