Norway 2017

Last year I had the privilege of traveling to Norway to play guitar at a festival on an island in the south of Norway where I met some amazing people and of course, was able to enjoy the beauty of the country staying in a cabin on that island. This year I had the opportunity to return to that place thanks to those friends who were incredibly kind and offered the use of their cabin once again. Rainy and wet could accurately describe the majority of my time there but when kayaking, getting wet is just assumed and I came well prepared for such conditions and thus was not deterred by the weather. The island of Flekkerøy is located just southeast of the city of Kristiansand, Norway’s fifth largest at a population of around 90,000 residents. It may be a small city and not one that is typically thought of as a tourist destination however it is very beautiful and has a very rich history and culture not to mention of course, excellent seafood. Here are a few images from my six-day trip to Flekkerøy.

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